Novel about the last time in the life of an old, white man. Gutkind 2023

Where you don't want to go

Novel published by Lindhardt og Ringhof, 2021

The Call

In a call center staffed with blind employees, a seeing systems administrator feels surveilled. His paranoia steadily grows until he is finally compelled to action. World premiere at Aarhus Theatre, 2016.

The Stylists

Play about five women in a hair salon. World premiere at Får 302, 2014.

The Rattlesnake

Novel about a Danish playwright who flees escalating problems involving theatre directors, publishers and Swedish feminists. Published by Gyldendal, 2014.

The Displacement

Novel about a successful businessman who loses part of his memory in a skiing accident. Published by Gyldendal, 2011.


A modern-day monologue on the deroute of a modern woman. Premiere at Stockholm City Theatre, 2009.

Red and Green

Play about a group of European development aid workers in a poor country. World premiere at Stockholm City Theatre, 2010.

The End of the World

Play about an air hostess who gets lost on her way home. Produced, nominated and published 2009-2010.